Cassie’s Friday Favorites

Cassie’s Friday Favorites


It’s that time of the week once again, here are the things we love, need and what we simply can not live without! Cassie’s Friday Favorites are here!


Cassie's Friday Favorites


Cassie’s Friday Favorites




Favorite #1 – Shop Disney! – We got our kids their Christmas P.J.’s on Shop and I absolutely love them. Not only are they way cooler in person than I thought they would be but they also are super high quality. Grey is obsessed, his words, but I kind of am too.

They are super cool. I saw that they were having a black Friday deal and then they had a discount code as well and they ended up being around $16 each which was about the same as all the other pajamas I was looking at.

We give the kids their pajamas on December 1st so they can get excited and wear them all month long. Ellie is not pictured because she was asleep!



Favorite #2 – The Oregon Coast – We went to Portland a couple weeks ago and it is beautiful. Definitely different than California beaches that I love, but so beautiful. It was fun to explore another place and see what they have to offer. I like how everything seems so calm. We went to Cannon Beach and got to see some crabs and starfish. It was just a great time!



Favorite #3 – VooDoo Donuts This was definitely an experience donut place. It was fun to go in and see all the different types of donuts and it was fun to see the place I had heard so much about. It did not disappoint. Probably my most favorite donut place so far. We heard Blue Star donut was also awesome but they didn’t open until we had to be at the airport so we were kind of bummed because we wanted to try theirs too.




Favorite #4 – Portland Oregon Temple– You may or may not know that we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I’ve seen a lot of temples. This one is beautiful, Payson is still my favorite, but the marble walls and the green, beautiful trees that surround it make it so much better! I really loved being there and seeing it.

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