Cassie’s Friday Favorites

Cassie’s Friday Favorites


It’s that time of the week once again! Here are the things that we love, need and simply can’t live with out. Cassie’s Friday Favorites are here for you!


Cassie's Friday Favorites



Favorite #1 – Layrite Cement Clay – This stuff gives all day hold for my 5 year old who plays hard. He loves to run, play sports and do summersaults. This stuff survived it all! He has curly hair and I needed something that would hold his hair longer.





Favorite #2 – Chewable Dramamine – With Labor day coming up, I’ve been thinking ahead and bought some Dramamine because Grey gets car sick. This stuff worked miracles last year. Hopefully we can have the same experience this year!





NIKE Unisex Nike Lanyard LANYARD




Favorite #3 – Nike Lanyard – This is a nice heavy duty lanyard that I bought for my keys. If you need something heavy duty because you have heavy keys this will be just what you need!


View Larger Image 1



Favorite #4 – Inspire Fitness Full Power Cage –  We got this from Costco and I am super excited! When we finish the basement we’ll be able to put this in our exercise room! I can get good lifting in!

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