Cassie’s Friday Favorites

Cassie’s Friday Favorites


Thank goodness it’s Cassie’s Friday Favorites! Here are the things we love, need and simply can’t live without!



Cassie's Friday Favorites





Favorite #1 – Built Bars– Coconut are my current favorite, they aren’t grainy like other protein bars and they are currently at Costco and they are a steal! They have cookies and cream in the box too, which is another good flavor!

Favorite #2- Clean Simple Eats Cotton Candy Protein Shake – I love cotton candy and this stuff is fantastic! Clearly it’s summer and it’s time to get in shape now that I’ve had the baby! This stuff is fantastic!





Favorite #3 – Nose Frida – Seems gross, but this is the only way to suck out boogers. The bulb suckers are okay, I guess, but you will never get the boogers out as good as you will with this! Ellie has boogs, a lot, clearly takes after her father. This is a heaven send!


Favorite #4 – Summer – I know, I’ve been on maternity leave and what not but nothing gives you that feel like summer! The summer temp, the summer rain, summer lessons and  t ball! Summer is the best season! I love hanging out with the boys and now Ellie! 

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