Great Gender Reveal Ideas

Great Gender Reveal Ideas


After waiting 16 to 20 weeks to find out gender, it’s fun to do a gender reveal for those who you love. Here are some Great Gender Reveal Ideas!

Great Gender Reveal Ideas

Great Gender Reveal Ideas!

I love love surprises! I love surprising people too! We have had a lot of fun with gender reveals with all our children. Working at a high school my kids are always invested in finding out what I’m having. We love to tell people in creative ways. We have done some of these but not all of them.




Baseball’s filled with colored powder, I bought 4 balls and had my cute girls on my team hit them! I wish I could get the video to upload they were so cute!



Silly String, we had our boys spray the silly string. Good place to get silly string is Hobby Lobby. They also have other stuff there as well.



Ginger Ray Large Pink Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon | Oriental Trading


Once again Hobby Lobby or Amazon for the win. Confetti Cannons they have a 2 pack at Hobby Lobby for like 6 bucks. They are separated into boy and girl packages.



I baked cupcakes for one of my classes and then filled them with vanilla pudding that I had dyed pink. They loved this so much! amscan P33535 - Gender Reveal Party Pull String Pinata - 55cm : Toys & Games



Gender Reveal Piñata filled with blue or pink candy. Let the kids go crazy. You could make it yourself like my dad and he makes it extremely hard to break which gets pretty entertaining.



Ginger Ray Gender Reveal Blue Smoke & Confetti Cannon | Party City



Gender Reveal Smoke, these are super cool, I wish we had seen these before!


Pin on Gender Reveal


I also love the idea of the bow and arrow, gender reveal. A balloon filled with paint! Next time maybe!

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