4 Easy How to Combat Feeling Gross and Pregnant

How to Combat Feeling Gross and Pregnant


Pregnancy is hard. People who tell you otherwise are rare. Here is how to Combat Feeling Gross and Pregnant and help you to get through.



How to Combat Feeling Gross and Pregnant


how to Combat Feeling Gross and Pregnant


I know that when people read all of my pregnancy posts they either think I am a whiner or that I need to buck up. It feels nice to kind of have a place to complain to other than my husband or mom. I hate being a whiner but they say every pregnancy is different and boy is that true.



I felt pretty great during Sawyer’s pregnancy, and I remember being sick during Grey’s but this one is a new level of crappy. I don’t think I have ever thrown up so much. I have never felt so gross. I’ve been researching things that help and these are the things that help me with energy and illness. I have found that the anti-nausea medicine is awful, because I think I would rather be sick than to have the side effects from the medicine.


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Stay hydrated, the more hydrated I am the more energy I have and the better I feel. It helps with throwing up and it keeps me from getting constipated, sorry if that’s TMI.


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Eat healthy foods, every time I eat something, fast food, greasy, or dessert I throw up so there’s that. Also, your baby needs nutrients and if you don’t consume them then your body will give what you’ve got to the baby. I love smoothies, spinach, salads, and sandwiches!

I take the Prenatal everyday, however, I don’t always keep it down. When I do keep it down I feel much better all day.


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Stay active and busy. I know, you’re tired, but when I’m busy I don’t think about how gross I feel. That helps so much! I love to walk and exercise. I’ve also heard it helps make recovery after giving birth easier. 

Get plenty of sleep at night. I love sleep and Matt let’s me take power naps sometimes. However, sometimes I regret those naps.


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Have your husband do the dishes, literally any random smells get me every time. Matt is really good at doing the dishes and loading the washer so we have clean clothes. The folding on the other hand is a struggle. At least every thing smells good!


how to Combat Feeling Gross and Pregnant


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