The Best Window Well Covers of Utah

Window Well Covers of Utah

If you’re reading this post chances are that you know what window well covers are and what they do but you’re not sure where to get the best deal. You’re in luck, we have done the research and have found the best window well covers in Utah County! Spoiler alert, it’s a company called FeldHawk. Let’s get into the details of why Feldhawk was the window well grate provider we chose. 


Window Well Covers


Our criteria for great window well cover included these 3 categories: Strength + Safety, Aesthetics, and price.


1- Strength & Safety: Feldhawks window well covers have been tested to successfully hold up to 600 lbs. on some of their models. They advertise a 400 lb. capacity across all of their styles and sizes. Along with the strength of the product they have also designed patterns in the cover that aren’t big enough for a child’s foot to get stuck in. They are also much more pet-friendly than other window well cover companies.


Affordable Window Well Covers Utah


2- Aesthetics: Most metal window well covers in Utah are a standard rebar or extruded steel design, not at Feldhawk. While they do offer standard styles, they also offer patterns and styles unlike anything else you’ve ever seen in the home goods space. Their styles include Victorian, Chevron, and Diamond patterns that actually match the modern aesthetic of your home.



3- Price: When looking at Feldhawk window well covers, you’d initially think they are the most expensive option on the market. Fortunately for the world, they are priced to be right in the middle of the pack. How do they do it? With a collective 30 years of experience in engineering and design, they have created products that are also very efficient with time and materials. With this efficiency, they pass on the savings to the customer.



If you’re looking for window well covers in Utah, be sure to shop at Feldhawk where they offer custom sizes, styles, and colors! Shop window well covers Utah now! 


Window Well Covers


Do you have window well covers on your home?  If you have any questions we would love to hear from you!



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