Summer Learning Outer Space Week

Summer Learning Outer Space Week


Summer Learning Outer Space week is this week. Rockets, planets, moon and we even discussed aliens!

Summer Learning Outer Space week

This week was rather hectic so we decided from here on out we were going to do 3 days a week rather than doing everyday. It was rather cumbersome to do 5 days a week so I would recommend cutting it down to 3 day. Today, was day one of Outer Space week and here is all the things that we did.

Song: Planet song: Cocomelon – This song was really good, the other song I found the kids kept telling me it was creepy.


Book: Kids choice – Honestly I gave up on trying to find a book that matched the lesson and I’ll tell you why. They always would run in the other room and say read this one instead. It was also really hard to find books that matched outer space. Today, we read Mighty Pups: Paw Patrol which is kind of related because the meteorite that hits adventure bay.

Post it Name Match: I gave each kid a specific color of post it notes and they had to find their color and it had their names 4 or 5 times written down on the post its and they have to match the letters on their poster. 


Stomp Rockets: They could have done this all day! They loved it! We lost 2 on the roof because of the wind but they eventually blew off!

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