Outer Space Day 2

Outer Space Day 2


It’s Outer Space Day 2 of our summer learning and we are getting hyped about the solar system today! Check out what we did!


This week has been crazy with Swimming lessons and gymnastic and all the things I am super glad we cut down to Monday, Wednesday and Friday! This has been a fun week and I think the kids have enjoyed it!

Song: The Moon – This was one of the ones the kids said was creepy, but I think it has good information! I think it’s the way their mouths move!



Book: Roaring Rockets – Not my favorite book honestly, but it was good enough for the kids.



Match the dots to the Numbers: We used the sale stickers and they had to match the amount of dots with the numbers on the poster. They did pretty good at this but I would cut down the amount of stickers, or do 5 instead of 10.



Kiwi Co: Solar System Kit – We did the solar system kit from Kiwi Co and the kids loved it. They got to paint the planets and then we made a solar system mobile. There also other fun activities in the directions that we did on Friday!


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