Fun Preschool Outer Space Day 3 Lesson Plan

Fun Preschool Outer Space Day 3 Lesson Plan

It’s Outer Space Day 3 and we are finishing up our final day of outer space! We got some fun activities! Here’s the Fun Preschool Outer Space Day 3 Lesson Plan! 


Fun Preschool Outer Space Day 3 Lesson Plan

It’s Friday and we got a lot of fun activities to do today!

Song: Zoom, Zoom, Zoom – cute and fun rocket song. 

Book: Random book Friday. We ended up reading like 4 books because they all had to pick one.



Upper Case and Lower Case Alphabet Match: I put the upper case letters on post its on the wall. You’ll notice they are up high because Sawyer refused to nap and so they had to be out of his reach. The kids would pick an upper case letter and then match it with a lower case one on the banner. They placed the upper case over the lower case. 




Making craters: We got this from Kiwi Co they said to put flour in a tote or pan and then dust the top with cocoa powder and then drop balls in and make craters. I know this seems simple but they loved this SO much!



Measuring the distance of planets: using a tape measure we measured the distance of the planets from one another. I mean not to scale it was like 1 foot to 55 billion but it kind of gave them an idea of how far apart they were.


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