Cassie’s Friday Favorites

LouLouGirls Friday Favorites

Cassie’s Friday Favorites


It’s that time of the week, Cassie’s Friday Favorites. The things we love, the things we use and that things we can’t live without.


LouLouGirls Friday Favorites


We’re all preschool this week and mainly bugs but these items have been used almost everyday this week.



Favorite #1 – The Bug BucketGrey and Sawyer have both loved this bucket, looking at things with the magnifying glass, picking up bugs and observing them. This kit has almost everything you could ever want if you are going bug hunting! Grey’s cool aunt showed him where to find the bugs and then even caught him a few potato bugs and he was in heaven.



Favorite #2 – Backyard Bugs – These were absolutely the best purchase. There are 12 of 6 different colors, each color has 2 of the same bug and there are 6 different types of bugs in total. Great for sorting, counting, doing pattern, rescuing and anything else you can come up with. The kids love these bugs.






Favorite #3 – Kraft Butcher Paper – We used this paper for lessons and also to put down for when we were doing crafts and very little gets through it. I wish I had bought more the first time because I used this a ton this week and I think I will use it a ton in weeks to come.



Favorite #4 – Butterfly Garden – Nothing is cooler than letting your kid watch Nature work right before their eyes. Our caterpillars are almost ready to cocoon and we are ready to put them in our garden. Insect lore is fantastic and sent the best kit for the kids to learn from! 

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