Fun Summer Preschool Prep

Summer Preschool Prep


Summer Preschool Prep! Grey is turning 4 years old soon and we are so excited! This summer we are going to focus on the skills he will need to start preschool in the fall! Summer Preschool Prep is no joke, but I’m going to share my favorite resources with you here! 


Summer Preschool Prep



I’m a high school teacher, but I want my toddler to be ready for preschool next year and so I have been researching for learning activities and experiments for Grey and I to do this summer.


We’re excited to get start and I have been asking Grey what he wants to learn about this summer and we have got a list of all the things! I found a bunch of resources for learning and what not! Here are some of the favorite things and sites I have been using to make my plans. I will be sure and share my plans with you when I have them all finalized!


Instagram | Know Your Meme

Favorite Instagram Influencers for Preschool

  • Busy Toddler – She is a former Kindergarten and 1st grade teacher and she has written a book called, “Playing Preschool” that is absolutely amazing. She has tons of activities for preschoolers, toddlers, babies or kids in general!
  • i heart Crafty Things – This has the cutest crafts that kids can do. I love looking at all the things that she does!
  • A Crafty Living – More cute toddler hands on activities. Learning by playing is the best way to teach them.
  • Teach Preschool – She has fantastic preschool lessons, sensory lessons and DIY classroom ideas. She even has group ideas.




Favorite Website/Bloggers for Preschool

Literally there are so many places you can get information these days and sometimes it’s just easier to talk to people you know or read a website. People are so creative I love to see their ideas and form my own! Please if you see any that you love let me know and I would love to check them out!

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