Cassie’s Friday Favorites

LouLouGirls Friday Favorites

It’s that time of the week once again, Cassie’s Friday Favorites coming in hot!


LouLouGirls Friday Favorites




Favorite #1 – Take Apart Dinosaurs Man the Easter Bunny is good! Grey loved these dinosaurs and building them with his dad! They are super cute and we got to find out how durable since our one year old likes to throw them down the stairs!





Favorite #2 – Walia-Singh Bannetons – I have a new obsession. Making the perfect sourdough bread! I have been dying to buy some bannetons, these are super cool and they came with everything you see above. Makes me feel like a professional!





Favorite #3 – Body Glide – This stuff is great for when you are working out! When you are wearing clothing that rubs under your arms, your legs, and socks and shoes. I love it!




Favorite #4 – Button Covers – If you are like me you are constantly getting holes in the front of your shirt. My sister said it was because I was zipping my shirt up in my pants? I don’t think that’s it. I found these and so far they have worked great! Thanks!



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