Toy Room Open Shelving

Toy Room Open Shelving

Toy Room Open Shelving! Open shelving in our toy room has been our best idea ever! Not only does it look cool, but it keeps the toys together that have parts that need to be together, and gets kids excited when they walk in because they want to play with what they see. 


Toy Room Open Shelving


Because we are a house of boys, we have a million remote control cars. I love when my son’s friends come over and they play with them for hours, but it’s always a battle trying to find them and track down which remote goes to which car. This open shelving makes the cars look cool, and has kept me from losing my mind.




When my husband first put up this open shelving unit I almost regretted my decision to put just toys on it because it is gorgeous!! It is from an Etsy shop called JNM Rustic Designs that specializes in rustic modern home decor and furnishings. They are really high quality and very durable, especially for their reasonable price. I always worry that products like these will be hard to install but they came with great instructions and even a special drill bit to help you get the job done! 




I absolutely love how the shelves look with the remote control cars on them, but I debated for a long time whether I would rather them be in our kitchen. The photos above are from JNM Rustic Design’s Etsy page of a previous customer and it is what first made me fall in love with the shelves. 





I think open shelving is a win wherever you put it in your house. I love the sleek lines and the stark contrast it provides. I really love that this unit is rustic and modern because it fits well with our mountain modern theme. I was super pleased with JNM Rustic Design’s quality and timeliness so if you’re looking for rustic modern decor be sure to check them out!


What other ideas do you have for my open shelving?




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  1. I absolutely love this idea. I want to build these for my oil collection and for my toddler’s toy collection!

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