Easy Teething Tips

Teething Tips

Teething Tips are so near and dear to my heart right now because we are living it!


Teething Tips



Sawyer is getting really crazy with the teeth these days! He is literally chewing on everything in sight. We are at a loss. Nothing is working long term.

He’s not eating, sleeping for long stretches, just not his usual happy go lucky self. It took us some time to realize what was going on because we can see or feel anything in his gums. Here is what has worked for us.



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Teething Tips

Tip #1 – Freeze a Wet Cloth  – We have run the cold water onto a dishcloth and let him chew on it and he has loved it!



Teething - Wikipedia




Tip #2 – Rub your Fingers over Their Gums – Sawyer has his bottom two teeth so we believe he’s getting his top two teeth.


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Tip #3 – Give them a Warm Bath – A warm bath calms Sawyer down every single time. He likes to sit and soak in the tub and he chews on a rag the whole time he’s in the tub.



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Tip #4 – Make Milk Popsicles -Sawyer is refusing to eat while he’s teething, most likely out of discomfort. To keep your little one fed and hydrated while soothing those gums by making milk or formula popsicles.


Use popsicle forms, and fill with either breastmilk or formula. Popsicles can get messy as they start to melt, so slip a bib on your babe and place them on a washable towel or blanket, or over flooring that can easily be cleaned.

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Tip #5 – Lots of Cuddles – I mean who can turn down cuddles from the little cutie. Snuggle that babe all he wants.





Tip #6 – Administer Medicine – When all else fails give them medicine. Follow your doctor’s recommendations. We have been alternating Tylenol and Motrin.

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