Easy Homemade Dinosaur Eggs

Homemade Dinosaur Eggs

In our house, Homemade Dinosaur Eggs have become life. These are the best thing for toddler boys who love dinosaurs!!



Homemade Dinosaur Eggs




Grey was potty training for a month, stickers as rewards worked at first, but then there was going #2 in underwear. I. COULD. NOT. DO. IT. ANYMORE. We had to come up with something different. For Grey’s third birthday we had bought him so dinosaur eggs on Amazon and they were 20 dollars for 12 dinosaur eggs. We started bribing him with those.


Every day he went without an accident he got a dinosaur egg, it worked and has continued to work. With him going back to daycare I was concerned he would regress but the dinosaur eggs are holding strong! It was starting to get a little expensive, I thought there has to be a better way, so we have started to make our own. Here is what we did!








Homemade Dinosaur Eggs


  • 14 Mini Dinosaurs, I got 82 of them on Amazon for $9.  Click here to get them.
  • 8 cups of Play Sand. We bought a 50lb bag at Lowe’s for about $5.
  • 4 cups Cornstarch. We got ours at Walmart $1 a can, I use 1 1/2 for each batch.
  • water






  1. Put the cornstarch and play sand into a large bowl and mix together. Until blended.
  2. Add a little water at a time until it’s wet and kind of crumbly. It will still compact. I added about 1 1/2 cups of water. If it gets to wet they won’t hold shape but you can always add more sand and cornstarch. 
  3. Then I place the dinosaur in the middle of some dirt. Then I used the middle-sized easter eggs from easter that Grey had leftover. He likes to play with them. You don’t have to use a mold, just do it the best you can with your hands. Let them dry for about 2 days. We left them out in the garage or the hot sun. 
  4. Get them a little wet and then you can dig them out, Grey uses his plastic tools from a tool kit he got a while ago, or a spoon would work. Sometimes he throws it in his pool and lets them dissolve and just pulls out the dinosaur.





Grey still asks for them every day, every time after he goes potty. I have made 3 batches, gone through about 5 cans of cornstarch but I still have the bag of sand and plenty of dinosaurs. It’s a cheap activity that my 3-year-old loves!!!



Homemade Dinosaur Eggs










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