How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks


There is one great thing that comes out of being pregnant, but the mess that child leaves behind is sometimes hard to get rid of. How to get rid of stretch marks postpartum is one of the things I have struggled with. My stomach literally looked like Sawyer was ripped from my body by a tiger. 



How to get rid of stretch marks

How to get rid of stretch marks

Before having Sawyer, I would lotion with all the shea butter, cocoa butter, and vitamin E lotions I could find. I did everything I thought would help, however, I would show you a picture of my marks, but I don’t want to scar you. Ever since his birth, I have been trying to get rid of my stretch marks. Here are a few things that have helped me to get rid of my stretch marks.


Palmer's Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks


First, every day I either lotion with Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter or Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks. I lotion the stretch marks during the day and keep them moisturized.


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Second, I work out every day, doing cardio and abs trying to shrink my stomach in order to help the stretch marks shrink. Improving muscle tone will help the stretch marks start to fade as your stomach tightens.



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Third, drink lots of water! I am addicted to Diet Coke and I’m not afraid to admit it, but it is a diuretic, so for every Coke, I drink I need to drink that much more water. My mom got me a Hydroflask for my birthday and I have been drinking at least a gallon of water a day!




Fourth, Stretch Patches have been super helpful. I put lotion on during the day time and these on at night time. They have helped a lot!


squeezing lemon juice to heal stretch marks



Fifth, natural home remedies. I have done a lemon scrub, sugar scrub, and an egg peel. These help to remove old skin cells and allow for new skin cells to grow. I will share some of the recipes I did for these later this week!


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