LDS Primary in a Bag

LDS Primary in a Bag

Simple ideas to let your primary class know that you love them! LDS Primary in a Bag is a perfect solution!


LDS Primary in a Bag


LDS Primary in a Bag

Life has been so crazy the past few months! It’s kind of hard to remember what it’s like to go to church at a building, with other people! When this all started, I wanted to find a way to do something for my primary class that would let them know how much we love them and put a little bit of normal into their lives.


This is when Primary in a bag was born! It’s a simple concept that my primary kids have loved! Do I expect every kid to do everything that I leave? No! If I can make them feel loved and spark some interest in the scriptures, then I have accomplished my goal!

Every Saturday, we drop off the primary in the bag on their front porch, ring the doorbell, and leave.

The name of the bag just popped in my mind and it’s perfect because when they see this on their porch with their name, they know exactly what it is.


To make the sign for the bag, I use PicMonkey.  They have a plan that is free and several templates that you can choose from to create the perfect sign.


As you know, there are 3 different sections to the lesson. We have the 10-11-year-old kids so we use the older children section. My goal is to make it simple and some lessons are easier to do that with, and sometimes my ideas come from the lesson.  This week the lesson is on Mosiah 18-24. Here is what I did for this week!




When I am baptized, I make a covenant with God.

Give each child a piece of paper. Read together Mosiah 18:8–10, and invite the children to write or draw on one side of their paper the promises we make at baptism and, on the other side, the blessings Heavenly Father promises us. Let them share with the class what they find. As they share, ask questions like these: How can we “mourn with those that mourn”? What does it mean to be a witness of God “in all places”? (verse 9). What can we do to keep our covenants? 


I gave each of my kids with the words printed on it, like above, and folded it in half.



LDS Primary in a Bag

I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  

Read Mosiah 18:17–28, looking for teachings of Christ’s Church in Alma’s day that are the same in our day. Write their answers on blocks or cups, and let the children use them to build a structure that represents the Church of Jesus Christ. Once done, take a selfie with your structure and text it to me. If you do, I will put a special treat in your bag next week!  I had the Dixie cups in my cupboard. If you don’t have any cups handy, you can have them build their own tower or structure with cups at their home.








God can make my burdens light.

The story of Alma’s people can show you that sometimes God helps by strengthening us to endure our trials instead of taking them away. Find the scriptures inside the fortune cookies. Read the scriptures and identify the main events from the accounts of Limhi’s people and Alma’s people. Draw a picture of each event and then put your drawing in the correct order to tell the story to your family. the scriptures are in Mosiah 21:1–5, 13–16; and 22:1–11 and Alma’s people in Mosiah 24:8–22.


LDS Primary in a Bag



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