Teriyaki Beef and Broccoli Freezer Meal

Teriyaki Beef and Broccoli Freezer Meal

Teriyaki Beef and Broccoli Freezer Meal are perfect for a quick meal.


Teriyaki Beef and Broccoli Freezer Meal


I love teriyaki food! I literally can not get enough of teriyaki and Grey loves anything with beef. We are so close to baby, it’s starting to stress me out. We need more freezer meals. Matt told me that we were going to live on cereal and fruit the entire time we’re on maternity leave.

I’m starting to think that it might be a thing. However, my number one husband cleaned the house yesterday while I slept. He really is so great, but I know the cereal thing is going to be a thing. Teriyaki beef and broccoli were easy to throw together and is an easy delicious dinner.


Teriyaki Beef and Broccoli Freezer Meal


  • 1 pound thinly sliced steak
  • Favorite Teriyaki sauce, We use Veri Veri Teriyaki
  • 3 to 4 cups broccoli florets, frozen




  1. Add Sliced steak to a gallon-sized freezer bag. Seal bag removing all of the air.
  2. In another gallon-sized freezer bag, add your teriyaki sauce. Push out all of the air and seal.
  3. In a 3rd gallon-sized freezer bag, seal up your broccoli. Then put in another gallon bag altogether.
  4. When ready to eat, thaw overnight in the fridge. Then in a large skillet, add 3-4 tablespoons of vegetable oil over high heat. 
  5. Pour steak into the pan, stir fry, separating the pieces and stirring constantly until the majority of the pieces have some golden or crispy edges on them, about 3 to 4 minutes. 
  6. Add broccoli, cook 1-2 minutes until crisp/tender. Add sauce, and cook stirring constantly for about 1 minute until sauce slightly thickens. 










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