DIY Farmhouse Table Centerpiece

DIY Farmhouse Table Centerpiece

Are you looking for the perfect centerpiece for your table? Here is a DIY Farmhouse Table Centerpiece idea. 


DIY Farmhouse Table Centerpiece


I love have a husband that can make my crazy visions come true! I literally can tell Matt what I want and he makes it a reality. We are still trying to decorate our house. My mom told me to decorate one room at a time, so that’s exactly what we are doing! We started with the kitchen. 



Matt started of by building a box that would fix 5 mason jars. Then he stained the wood with walnut stain, then when it dried he painted it with matte white paint. Then he antiqued it buy using a sandpaper, then he finished it with a clear coat!


Then we once again used matte paint and painted the mason jars with blue, gray and tan. We have found a vase that is interchangeable with one of the jars and we put tulips in it. I plan to change the flowers out for every season!

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