Teacher Gift Extra Gum Free Printable

Need a gift for a teacher or coach? Here’s a free printable! Teacher Gift Extra Gum Free Printable!


The older my son gets the more often I have people to thank for helping him whether it’s a teacher, coach, or friend. I wanted to be able to have an easy way to show these people my appreciation so I buckled down and created this Teacher Gift free printable. I just keep a few cut up and ready to go, along with some Extra Gum, baggies, and ribbon, so that I can easily thank all the wonderful people in our lives!






Teacher gift extra gum – free printable




Extra Gum




  1. Print off the Teacher Gift Extra Gum – Free Printable
  2. Put some Extra Gum in a baggie and tie a ribbon around it. 
  3. Attach the Teacher Gift Extra Gum – Free Printable to the baggie.
  4. Give to teachers, coaches, friends, family, or whoever you think has been going the extra mile!








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