Super Easy Rock Candy Mocktail

Super Easy Rock Candy Mocktail

Super Easy Rock Candy Mocktail! Looking for some super easy mocktails? This super easy rock candy mocktail is amazing!!


Super Easy Rock Candy Mocktail


For my little sister’s bachelorette party I did a mocktails and cupcakes theme, and it was a huge hit! I’ve had a lot going on lately though so I wanted to keep everything simple.

There are a lot of complicated mocktail recipes out there, but this mocktail recipe was SOOO easy and oh so delicious! Everyone loved the rock candy and this mocktail looked Instagram worthy for sure!

Super Easy Rock Candy Mocktail



Rock Candy



Champagne Flutes




  1. Place some rock candy in each champagne flute.
  2. Wait to put in sprite and fruit until just before drinking so that the sprite doesn’t dissolve the rock candy. (I set the fruit in glass bowls and put the sprite in a pitcher so it looked a little more classy.) When you pour in the sprite the mocktail will take on the color of the rock candy, and don’t skimp on the fruit! It made this mocktail taste amazing!
  3. Serve immediately! 


Let me know how you like it!!



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