Fun Spring Bucket List

Spring Bucket List

Spring is here! What’s on your spring bucket list?


spring bucket list


Spring is here! I know a lot of people love spring but I’m not going to lie, I’m not one of those people. I have a hard time with the weather. One minute it’s warm, the next minute it’s cold. When we woke up to see that it was snowing the other day and I felt a little grumpy, I decided to make a spring bucket list of all the things I DO like about spring!

spring bucket list

  1. Puddle jumping! Get outside and jump in the rain! I recently got some rain boots and they were the best purchase ever! They’re so useful. 
  2. Visit the Zoo. It’s fun to see the animals and be outside.
  3. Go on a Picnic. By the time afternoon rolls around, it’s usually a decent temperature outside so grab a blanket and make some sandwiches.
  4. Go for a walk. It doesn’t have to be a perfect day outside to still go for a walk.
  5. Blow bubbles. This can be fun with your kids or even just for yourself. Bubbles are so soothing!
  6. Ride a Bike. Cruise around and enjoy the sites!
  7. Fly a Kite. Don’t let the wind get you down. Enjoy it!
  8. Feed the Ducks. Put on your rain boots and go to a pond with ducks!
  9. Look for Four Leaf Clovers. Or even just look for new growth poking through a dreary winter landscape.
  10. Visit a Farm. Look for any new baby animals.
  11. Swing at a playground. Don’t just leave it up to your kids! Try it yourself!
  12. Have a tea party. Get in touch with your inner little girl!
  13. Collect Wildflowers Then display them in your house.
  14. Draw with chalk. And watch when the rain washes it away leaving a fresh new surface.
  15. Go barefoot all day long!


What’s on your spring bucket list?



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