DIY Modern Jewelry Display KonMari Inspired

DIY Modern Jewelry Display KonMari Inspired

DIY Modern Jewelry Display KonMari Inspired! Looking for a fresh, modern way to display your jewelry? Check out this DIY modern jewelry display!



I have been on an organizing spree or “festival” ever since I discovered the amazing and totally life-changing book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. Her method, called KonMari, is seriously a game changer for anyone who wants to be able to find things in their house again, rediscover themselves (just through organizing? YES!), and feel a lot more joy about their belongings. 



I used to always say that I’m not a jewelry person, but after I started doing KonMari I realized I actually love jewelry, but I had a lot of jewelry I didn’t like. I realized that my tastes are very simple. I don’t like when my jewelry is overpowering and uncomfortable. I like it to be simple and beautiful.



Also through KonMari I realized that I actually don’t like DIY. I’m not handy or patient and you kind of need both of those to DIY usually. The design for this DIY Modern Jewelry Display though is actually pretty simple I think anyone could pull it off, but luckily for me, my husband is a fantastic DIYer and he whipped it up for me in no time!




3 pieces of wood



Nail gun


Screw Hooks




  1. Sand and stain your wood as needed. 
  2. Use a nail gun to create the shelf with two pieces of wood. 
  3. Screw in screw hooks to create the necklace and dowel holders.
  4. Attach it to your wall (either by screwing it in or you can use a picture hanger on the back side so that you have clean lines all around.)
  5. put on the dowel and hang up your jewelry!


Are you a DIY person? Let me know how it goes!


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