Norwex Review by a Real Mom

Norwex Review by a Real Mom! Wondering if Norwex is really worth the price? Here’s a review by a real mom, not a consultant!


Norwex Review by a Real Mom

Norwex Review by a Real Mom

Are you interested in Norwex but can only find information from Norwex consultants who want your money?? Well never fear! I am here! I am not a Norwex consultant nor do I plan on ever being one. I haven’t tried all that Norwex has to offer but if you’re just getting started then you’ve come to the right place.

This is a review of their most popular products. You can see the Norwex products in the video below, or continue reading, whichever you prefer. If you’re like me and can’t help but want all the info about everything before you make an expensive purchase then come join me on YouTube! I do a lot of reviews on products for moms because I feel like a mother is only as good as her gadgets!



Norwex Enviro Cloth: Love it! It really is the best cloth I’ve ever owned. It gets the job done. It doesn’t really do much to soap scum though so it’s not really going to help out in the tub.


Norwex Kitchen Cloth: Love it! A great cloth that although is smaller than the enviro cloth, works great in the kitchen because of the ribbed pattern. 


Norwex Window Cloth: Love, love, love! I have completely gotten rid of Windex in my life because it cleans so well. It polishes fixtures and leaves them so shiny, and I love letting my kids use it to shine our back window that they touch every five seconds.


Norwex Kitchen Scrub Cloth: Honestly haven’t really had too much use for it in the kitchen. I prefer a razor blade on my stove top to get rid of gunk quickly. It is great against soap scum but not mind blowing. (I actually prefer a product called Force of Nature in my bathrooms!)


Norwex Dust Mitt: The dust mitt is a great little duster. If you have room in the budget go for it. If you don’t, don’t lose sleep over it. You’ll survive without it.


Norwex Cleaning Paste: Are you ready for this? Not a fan. I really don’t think this is worth the money. It didn’t really help that much. It’s not terrible but it’s not amazing. (I really like Force of Nature better and it’s way cheaper in the long run.)


Norwex Spiri Sponge: Definitely not a fan. Especially with how much I paid in shipping costs for the little thing. It doesn’t last near as long as a regular sponge and I didn’t feel like it even cleaned.


Overall I really like Norwex and cleaning chemical free. It’s amazing to not smell like chemicals after cleaning up. If you’re super interested in cleaning chemical free I’d recommend looking into Norwex, but I would beg you to check out Force of Nature. It will change your life!!


Norwex Review by a Real Mom

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