Force of Nature Review- The Only Cleaner You Need!

Force of Nature is an amazing new cleaning product I recently discovered that can quickly replace all of your cleaning supplies! It is cheap, chemical-free, and cleans like a boss!! Force of Nature Review- The Only Cleaner You Need!


Force of Nature Review- The Only Cleaner You Need


Just for the record, this isn’t a sponsored post at all! I sought out this company because I really wanted to try Force of Nature and it didn’t disappoint so I wanted to share! (There are also affiliate links so be sure to click through from here 😉 PLUS you can get $30 off right now on their website!



The first thing I love about Force of Nature is that it’s literally just water, salt, and vinegar.  It uses simple science to transform the mixture into two non-toxic ingredients. That means it’s chemical free and can clean pretty much anything, from my son’s binky to the toilet. I use it to clean every surface of my bathrooms as well as my wood countertops. They advertise that it cleans with the power of bleach, so at first I thought it would bleach everything, but it doesn’t. It really is just that powerful, and yet safe!



The cost for Force of Nature is amazing! It’s less than a dollar per bottle and for me, one bottle cleaned all three of my bathrooms with a bit to spare. The average bottle of Lysol costs about $7-10 dollars, so you’re definitely saving there. I’ve also tried a lot of other chemical free cleaning products, including Norwex which I love, BUT Force of Nature is SO much cheaper because you can use whatever scrubbers you have. 



I know what you’re thinking. “But does it clean??” Yes MA’AM!! (for full review watch my video above) I honestly didn’t expect it to clean at all and I was blown away! I had been using Norwex products in my bathroom with only a mild satisfaction. I liked that I didn’t smell like chemicals after cleaning but I didn’t really feel like it was cleaned that well. As soon as I used Force of Nature I was like “OH yeah! This is how clean it was when I used chemicals!” It really does an amazing job!



The last question I had was “what does it smell like?” Well guess what?? It smells like NOTHING and makes other smells smell like NOTHING! When you first spray it it smells a little bit like a swimming pool (which is actually kind of great because it makes me feel like I’m on vacation…) but that goes away after a few minutes. On top of that it deodorizes, so it removes any smells that were there previously! For example, in my little boys bathroom, it always smells like, you know, urine. No matter how well I cleaned it it always had a faint smell. As soon as I used this the bad smell was gone! I haven’t tried this yet but they advertise that you can spray it in a sports bag to eliminate odors. I will definitely be doing that once my boys start playing sports!


I highly recommend Force of Nature to anyone trying to clean chemical free, or anyone just wanted to make cleaning easier. It is so much easier to carry around one all purpose cleaner than several different cleaners. I also love that I don’t have to worry so much about my kids getting into it.


If you have any questions let me know!





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