Its A Mom Thing Challenge Week 5

Its A Mom Thing Challenge Week 5  This is our last challenge! Of course, this is a challenge that you can do any time because once you are a mom you are always a mom! Being a mom does have its challenges, joy, and frustrations. Since I’m the seasoned mom of the group, I will be focusing on the joy of being a mom this week!

Its A Mom Thing Challenge Week 5

Its A Mom Thing Challenge Week 5

I know that some days it is hard to focus on the joy! A lot of you have had non stop sick kids this Winter and that can feel like it goes on forever. No matter if you have one child at home or 6, you can find yourself facing new challenges daily. You just think you have it down and the next child throws you a curve ball! Between making sure their homework is done, dinner, arranging the mess, poop jokes, washing snotty little faces, lessons, sports practices or the joy of having an emotional teen, there is joy! 

By the age of 26, I had 4 kids, so I have been there and done that. Later, I adopted my 2 cute girls and so I guess I have experienced a lot of different scenarios as a mom. I remember being told to enjoy every minute of my kids because I would miss the noise and the dirty little hand prints.  I thought they were crazy and I had a lot of time but let me tell you, it really goes by super fast and you will miss it! The part that they don’t tell you is little kids are a lot easier than adult kids. I have the best kids in the world, don’t get me wrong!  When they are small, you have some control over keeping them safe and knowing what they are doing and when they are older, you have none! Trust me, if you look for the joy, your job as a mom will get easier!

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Challenge 29: You are Doing Your Best!: As moms, we are always comparing ourselves to other moms that seem to have it all together. The truth is they are having the same struggles and insecurities as you! Take 10 minutes to write down all the things you are doing right! If you are truly doing your best, then that’s all anyone can ask for.

Challenge 30: Kiss your child while they are asleep: Even if you have had a day from hell, your child never looks more innocent that when they are asleep. Take 10 minutes to think of what went right in the day!

Challenge 31: Let them play hooky from school: First of all, it’s really hard for me to let my kid’s miss school because I know the importance of being there. Trust me, they will never forget it and neither will you. My son, who is 28, remembers when I let him miss kindergarten for no apparent reason. We went to the new store in town and got a free cookie and then went to the park to play. He loved that the rest of his siblings were at school and he had a special day with mom. Little things like this strengthen your bond with your child.

Challenge 32: Don’t Clean: I hate a mess just as much as the next person but the mess will wait! Your kids won’t remember having a clean house each day but they will remember the time mom did something special with them.

Challenge 33: Don’t buy anything: This is perfect with Easter this weekend. What do I mean by this? As parents, we want to give our kids everything but trust me they won’t remember what was in their Easter basket in a few weeks but they will remember doing an activity with their parents and family. Take 10 minutes to plan activities that won’t break the bank but will strengthen your bond.

Challenge 34: Pray: This has always been my go-to weapon as a mom.  Your prayer doesn’t have to focus on the things you need but instead, it can be a prayer of gratitude. 

Challenge 35: Focus on Joy: I believe this is a quality that can be developed through practice and will serve you well through the years. Take baby steps, today just look for one thing that is joyful from each child.




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