Showing Love Year Round

Showing Love Year Round

In the month of February I sometimes wonder why we need to have a dedicated day to Love? It seems odd to me. We should be showing love year round


showing love year round


Everyone always says that it’s the retail companies holiday to get more money out of our pockets, but what’s the truth? Truth is, no one really knows. There is a lot of speculation, and several different stories.

My favorite is the one about the Roman Emperor thought that men made better soldiers if they weren’t married with children, so he banned the young men from getting married. St. Valentine then performed marriages in secret and was caught and was beheaded on February 14th. 


With that being said, I think it’s sad that we have to have a holiday to remind us to do something nice for the ones we love. I started to think about what we can do year round to show that we love our families. They say actions are louder than words.

  1. Do something unexpected – Pack them a lunch, make dinner or fill their car up with gas. Something you wouldn’t normally do. 
  2. Surprise them with a Love note – Sometimes will leave Matt sticky notes on his steering wheel so he will see it on his way to work in the morning. 
  3. Go do their favorite activity –  Yes even if you hate it with every fiber of your being, take them shooting or to watch their favorite team or play.
  4. Be kind. – Often times I think we forget how we speak to one another. We too often like to tease and be sarcastic and sometimes it gets to be too much especially if your partner had a rough day.
  5. Be thoughtful – If you are doing something for yourself, ask or just do it for your partner as well.

We too often take our families and lovers for granted and if we get to comfortable we forget to take the time to love one another. Take the time today to show people you love how much you care.

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