5 Easy Going Valentine’s Day Traditions

5 Easy Going Valentine’s Day Traditions

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to stress you out! Here are 5 easy going Valentine’s Day Traditions that are great with little kids!


5 easy going Valentine's Day Traditions

5 easy going Valentine’s Day Traditions

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you have kids, Valentine’s Day may have gone from romantic to another day where you’re more tired then all the other days. But it doesn’t have to be! You don’t have to do anything extravagant to make Valentine’s Day special. Here’s our top five Valentine’s Day traditions that help keep the day low key but still awesome!


  1. Box of Valentine’s for Each Family Member: One of our Valentine’s Day Traditions is to get a box of Valentine’s for each Family member, and have all the members of the family write what they like about that person on the Valentine’s. On Valentine’s Day each member will have a whole box full of words of affirmation!


2. Valentine’s Day Themed Breakfast: My mom did this growing up as one of her Valentine’s Day Traditions. She put pink food coloring in the milk, made heart shaped pancakes and topped them with strawberries and whipped cream. She also set out Valentine’s themed paper plates and candy from the Dollar store. It was so simple and yet we thought it was the best day of the year!


3. Set Up The Night Before: This has quickly become my Valentine’s Day Tradition because I am not a morning person, so to do a Valentine’s breakfast I have to set up the decor the night before or I’ll lose the morning grogginess battle. It also makes it fun for the kids to wake up and see that something happened.


4. Cook Dinner for Each Other Instead of Going Out: My husband and I started doing this because it was such a hassle to go out on Valentine’s Day. It is fun for us to cook something together that we both want to try!


5. Decorate with Old Photos of You and Your Husband: This is so fun! I have a photo board that I usually put pictures of my kids but this year I put up pictures of my husband and I all the way from when we first started dating (high school!) to when we got married! It brings back all the feels!!


What are your Valentine’s Day Traditions that help keep it fun but low key?





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