5 Winter Activities for Kids

5 Winter Activities for Kids

Sometimes kids and winter, go together, sometimes they do not. Here are 5 winter activities for kids for the times they do not!


5 winter activities for kids

5 winter activities for kids

Are you having one of those days where you just can’t even? We’ve all been there! Hang on! You’ll survive. Here are 5 of my go to activities in the winter when I feel like I’m just not going to make it.



  1. McDonald’s Play Place: Go get your kids a 25 cent kiddie cone and let them run around in the play place while you sit back and rejuvenate for a minute. Who knew McDonald’s could feel like a day spa! (Just be sure to bathe them in hand sanitizer after.)



2. Indoor Trampoline Gym: Kids need to bounce! Let them run wild at an indoor trampoline gym and you can bet they’ll go to bed on time!



3. Dollar Store Shopping Spree: Never underestimate the power of the dollar store! Give each kid three bucks and let them choose whatever they want! They will come home with at least one toy that will entertain them for 10 minutes to give you some space.



4. Bathtub Playtime: Never underestimate the power of the bathtub either! Let them choose a couple regular toys to take into the bathtub with them. Although you’ll need to stick around the tub to make sure they’re safe, take some time to freshen up your makeup, paint your nails, or just stare at a blank wall and daydream about what you want to do over summer vacation.



5.  Play-Doh Party: Play-doh is messy, I get it. BUT my kids can play with it for hours, especially if I tell them we’re having a Play-doh party and they can use some mom-approved toys to play with the play-doh. (My boys love driving their trucks on it.) To help keep the mess down you can give them each a cookie sheet to play on.


Hang in there Mama!


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