Preschooler Chore Chart Payday Punch Card

Preschooler Chore Chart Payday Punch Card

Getting your preschooler to follow a chore chart doesn’t have to be hard, it can be fun! Check out this free printable Preschooler Chore Chart Payday Punch Card!


Preschooler Chore Chart Payday Punch Card


Preschooler Chore Chart Payday Punch Card


My son just turned four, and I also have an almost 2-year-old. I feel like I am finally getting to the stage where life seems pretty manageable and it might be time to add another little one to the mix. One aspect of life that I would like to be a little more manageable though is getting help from my kids.

My preschooler is more than capable of following a chore chart, but he needs a lot of motivation aka constant nagging and hand-holding. Rather than doing a boring chore chart, I saw a similar preschooler chore chart to this one though where the child was responsible for punching off each task with a hole punch and I knew it would be a win for my son! 


This payday punch card creates a pretty simple chore routine. He can easily see which tasks he needs to do each day, punch it himself, and see how much money he’ll make at the end of the week if he fills up the row. The bonus task row is for all those times I ask him to do something and he resists. I can say “don’t you want to earn a bonus punch?” and his eyes will light up and he’ll be so excited to listen to me! (A mom can dream right…?)


Preschooler Chore Chart Payday Punch Card




Payday Punch Card – Free Printable

Hole Punch


Positive attitude


lots of patience




  1. Print out the Payday Punch Card – Free Printable and thoroughly explain it to your child.
  2. In the first week, keep each task fun and light and give a lot of praise. Make punching the card an exciting ritual and go overboard on how proud you are.
  3. Reward with money (I’m thinking 10 cents or a quarter for each dollar sign)
  4. Let them spend their money that Saturday so that it really sinks in what they’re working for!


Let me hear how it goes!!



1 thought on “Preschooler Chore Chart Payday Punch Card”

  1. How helpful! Preschoolers are definitely visual learners, and having something they can reference is a great way to cater to that. Plus, getting kids into a routine early on makes it way easier to make sure they clean up after themselves as they grow!

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