Hello New Year Week 4 Balance

Hello New Year Week 4 Balance! If you haven’t joined our Hello New Year Facebook group yet you’re missing out! Come join us through the month of January to get the New Year off to a great start!


Hello New Year Week 4 Balance


Hello New Year Week 4 Balance

Hello! Amber here! This week is going to be all about balance! My husband and I decided that “balance” is our theme this year. Last year nothing was really wrong, but a lot of areas of our life weren’t right. We realized that we weren’t balancing all of our priorities very well, so this year we’re on a mission to do that! 


If you’re new and haven’t joined our Hello New Year Facebook group yet click on over and join! It has been a really helpful way to get this year going right! Each day throughout the month of January we will post a 10 minute challenge to help you get things in order. You can get feedback and tips from everyone in the group as well as share your ideas with others!


Here are this week’s challenges if you want to read up and get ahead, or jot them down in your planner! They are all about creating balance in your life to set yourself on a path for a better new year.

Challenge 21: Balance Your Emotional Health

 This doesn’t mean you’ll be happy all the time, but it means you’ll be able to function and keep up with your demands. Take a few minutes and think about where you fit with this. Is there an area of your life where you find your emotions slipping every time it gets hard? For me, last year I would basically have an emotional melt down every time our house got dirty and I realized that this area of my life needed a little more attention so that I felt more stable. Write down one thing you can do to balance this area this year!

Challenge 22: Balance Your Mental Health

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Take a few minutes and assess your mental health. Write down one thing you can do to help keep your mental health in balance this year!

Challenge 23: Balance Your Physical Health

How are you doing in the physical health department? Is it something nagging in the back of your brain, or are you great at it? Wherever you are on the scale, write down one thing you can do to help keep your physical health in balance.

Challenge 24: Balance Your Work 

Are you a workaholic, or are you stuck in a job you hate dreading every minute of it? Whatever your situation, take a minute to think about your work life and whether or not it’s in balance with everything else you have going on. Write down one thing you can do this year to keep it balanced with everything else.

Challenge 25: Balance Your Family Life

Is your family a huge priority in your life, or do you push them aside to accomplish other things? Take a minute and think about how they fit into your daily life. Write down one thing you can do to help keep them part of the balance.


‘Clone’ of woman in home (digital composite)

Challenge 26: Balance Your Housework

Is your house so messy it’s the bane or your existence, or is it so clean you can’t stand to let your kids walk in after school and mess it up? Wherever you are on the scale of housework, take a minute to think about what you can do to keep it in balance with the rest of your life. Then write it down!


Challenge 27: Balance Your Spirituality

Do you find your soul aching to know the answers to deep questions, or are you constantly lacking purpose in this life? Take a minute to think about where you see yourself spiritually. In this day with so much entertainment around, moments of pondering and peace can be hard to find. Write down one thing you want to do this year to keep your spiritual side in balance with the rest of your life. 


Join the group and let us know what you’re doing to keep your life balanced!! 







41 thoughts on “Hello New Year Week 4 Balance”

  1. 24, 25, 26, I’m struggling. I work from home, and homeschool my daughter. So every time I catch myself breaking, it’s to help her with work. I break and clean house here and there, but then it literally puts me working until I get ready to go to bed. I have got to find a better way to balance it all.

  2. I think these are all essential to make sure that you have that balance in your life. Right now, I wanna focus on my work/life balance because work can get pretty stressful at times!

  3. It can be really hard to find the right balance for your life, so I applaud you for trying! I think right now I don’t mind being a little lopsided, but hopefully once my kids get a little older I get straightened out.

    1. Haha well I don’t know if I’m the one to talk to because that is what I’m working on! Really though I have come across some good stuff lately. I’ve started listening to a podcast called Bold New Mom and she has a whole one on feelings and it’s amazing! She talks about how all emotions come from thoughts and how they are just vibrations happening in your body. It sound crazy but when you think about them just being vibrations they don’t seem as powerful. I would definitely recommend checking out bold new mom or even the book When Panick Attacks. It’s all about anxiety but it talks a lot about emotions and how to deal with them. Good luck!

  4. Balance is such an important part to everyone’s life. I have yet to find that perfect “Balance” but I’m definitely working on it. I think I will have to look into these challenges and head over to the facebook group to help get my started in the right direction.

  5. The one that speaks to me the most is balancing your work! I have a habit of saying yes to things even when my schedule is already packed. I’m learning to say no to things that don’t align with my priorities and passions but it’s a hard habit to break!

  6. I think my biggest concern here would be my emotional health. I wasn’t feeling great during the Holidays as I was missing my parents who are now gone. I think I need to work on that balance. This is such a good reminder.

    1. Yes so true. It’s so important to take time to check in with your emotions. The holidays are a hard time when you’re missing someone. ????????

  7. Hi! I’m new to your blog and I’m so glad this was the first post I read here. As a work at home Mom, I too strive to balance everything. I’m going to go join your group!

  8. Balance is such a hard thing to make work in life, especially as moms. But, it is so crucial to happiness and health!

  9. I sometimes struggle to find balance but this is something I need to work on this year. My biggest issue is not balancing work and play which has a negative impact on mental health, but I know that I need to treat myself to more me time and not get so stressed when things don’t go to plan.

  10. Balance is so important in all aspects of your life!! My goal this year is to find more balance in my life. I truly think that when you find balance it is easier to find happiness. Thank you for bringing attention to this. 🙂 I enjoyed the read

  11. Balance is a great concept. You two should read the book Lagom. It is the Scandinavian concept of “just enough” or balance, in your life. I think it is a great foundation for learning and understanding balance!

  12. I love seeing that you included balancing your mental & spiritual health along with all the other kinds of health. Those both, ESPECIALLY mental health, sooooo need to be priorities…and to be honest, at least for me, if I’m happy spiritually that does wonders for my mental health!

  13. I used to be so bad at finding that balance– my twenties were full of work work work and no play! I try to relax now whenever I can, but it’s tough to find the time.

  14. Balancing your emotional health and mental health is so important! But I love that you included household on here, because I know so many couples that don’t balance the household duties and that is seriously one of the best things I think for couples to do.

  15. This is so true and when balance is off in one area, it often times gets everything out of whack. I was so stressed out and not taking care of my mental health and I started showing physical symptoms.

  16. Life can really through you off balance. I think sometimes you have to stop over thinking everything and just go with the flow. It’s amazing how not stressing about the small stuff can help restore balance in your life.

  17. Balance is a perfect theme! I know I could use more of it in my life. Between working, kids, the house, husband… it can be overwhelming if there is no balance.

  18. Finding that balance in life can be tough but it’s so sweet when you do. I’m actually getting pretty good at keeping life balanced but it takes tweaking along the way.

  19. Balance is an important key in life. I don’t think I’d be able to manage as a mom to almost 8 if my balance wasn’t constantly in check!

  20. Another good reminder to have a balance in everything. Without a balance, may in the family, in our spiritual life, at work, there would definitely be a collapse.

  21. I have come to the realization that if I try to do everything all the way the nothin works, so I try to just focus on the things that are important and try not to let everything else fall apart

  22. Finding balance makes everything feel so much more comfortable. I am definitely looking for balance in my home life. My youngest daughter is almost three years old and I would love to have a better routine for our days at home together. She deserves so much more of my time instead of me always feeling like I’m behind.

  23. Balance has been one of my words this year. Ya always been a struggle of mine and I want to make sure and find a healthy balance this year.

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