5 Laundry Hacks Sorting, Ironing, and More

5 Laundry Hacks Sorting, Ironing, and More

These 5 Laundry Hacks Sorting, Ironing, and More will get that laundry pile off your couch in no time!


5 Laundry Hacks Sorting, Ironing, and More


I have become obsessed with figuring out how to shorten my laundry routine lately. I don’t know if it’s just cause we wear more clothes in the winter or what, but for a while there we were drowning in laundry. I’ve been looking through a lot of tips and tricks and these are my top 5 laundry hacks for sorting, ironing, and more!



Laundry Hack 1. Use The Quiltmate for easy Ironing: The Quiltmate is actually designed for quilters and crafters to iron on the go because it is portable, but I use it for everyday quick ironing as well! It rolls up so I just keep it in my closet and pull it out to iron all sorts of things. With all the wrinkle-free clothing we have today it can become a waste of time to pull out a whole entire ironing board for just a few lightly wrinkled items, so the Quiltmate has been such a time saver! 



My favorite aspect of the Quiltmate is that it has a silicone base so that it is non-slip! It’s very heat resistant so I can iron anywhere (usually on my bathroom counter or the top of my dresser. This allows me to iron right where I’m putting my clothes away rather than getting out an ironing board that will only fit in another room.



If you are a quilter or crafter, you will love this product! You can take it anywhere, and it comes in multiple sizes to fit your needs. If I haven’t sold you on it already, then get this! I scored you ladies a coupon code for 20% off! Just use the code LOULOU20 at checkout! You won’t regret it! (The code is only available for the next 48 hours though so jump on it!)



Laundry Hack 2: A basket for each person. When my second son was born and laundry started to get crazy, I washed both my boys laundry together, then kept it together as I folded it. Now I have a basket for each member in the family and sort it as soon as it comes out of the dryer. This way, if we’re behind on laundry I can still easily find what I need, and the folding process doesn’t seem to be overwhelming. 



Laundry Hack 3: Spray and Wash. Spray and wash will change your life!! Whatever spot clean system you’ve been using before stop right now! Spray and wash seriously takes care of EVERYTHING. Baby poop? no problem. Food stains? No big deal. Washable marker? gone. It’s amazing!



Laundry Hack 4: Konmari Folding: If you haven’t heard of the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up yet then I’m about to blow your mind! It truly is life changing, and her folding techniques may take a little bit longer, but they actually make laundry feel satisfying. They make laundry feel like an art form! I am still in the process of following her entire tidying method, but I have finished my clothing and now fold everything her way. My closet seriously looks like a celebrity closet, and my husband even routinely tells me thanks for folding his laundry! It’s so crazy! 



Laundry Hack 5: Set a timer on your phone. If you’re like me and you routinely forget to switch the laundry or procrastinate sorting, set a timer on your phone for when each load will finish. This ensures that I switch and sort, which let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s annoying but the easiest thing in the world. It’s a first-world problem so use your first-world device to keep yourself going. Once everything is sorted, folding and putting it away will be easier to commit to.


I would love to hear your laundry hacks!! Please share them in the comments!



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