Light The World: Christmas Food Baskets

We had so much fun with our Light The World: Christmas Food Baskets! It has been an eye opening project to people’s kindness and generosity! #LighttheWorld

I love the theme that the LDS church has given to share the true meaning of Christmas, Light the World. Christmas can turn into a crazy busy time of year with school nearing the end of term, parties and buying gifts, I’m likely to go insane. In an attempt to try and remember the reason for the season we decided to start our own little Light the World project.

Well it snowballed into a huge project! I am overwhelmed and amazed that kind people we have in our area! I knew how great everyone was, but people are extremely generous. 

We will all have a time in our life when we will struggle and a time when we can help others. When we are doing our best to help others we will be blessed in ways we may not see. When I started gathering things from people I knew we would have enough to feed at least five families in our area and I was happy with that.

Then the donations began to pour in. I couldn’t believe how much we were getting. Then I told Matt that we would probably have enough stuff for 10 families. I was stoked! 

I went shopping yesterday with all the money donations we received and I got everything that I had on my list and we had spent just over half of our money. We filled 3 carts at Smith’s and went and purchased the food. We still had money left over.

We had to take home the crying baby and then go back out to Walmart and fill another cart with food.

Then we realized that we were going to be able to do 18 families. Yeah I said it! 18!!!! Holy cow! We feel overwhelmed with gratitude! I may have cried a little. 

It gets better not only did we get to fill one basket for 18 families, but we filled two!

We had the cutest helpers in the entire world. Some of my cute Young Women and my little sister help us fill the baskets!

Delivering the baskets was the best part, other than working with these cute ladies. The shocked look on these amazing people’s faces made everything worth it! Thank you to all of those who contributed! I would say it was a success! Thank you to my cute friend Annie for letting us use her house, daughters and mad photography skills! Photo Cred!

9 thoughts on “Light The World: Christmas Food Baskets”

  1. It’s really awesome to be able to help people this season. I like the idea of putting together a food basket! What a great way to give back for all the blessings we received.

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