Stress Less Holiday Challenge Party Planning

Stress Less Holiday Challenge Party Planning! We’re on the last week of our Stress Less Holiday Challenge! I hope you have been feeling less stressed about the Holidays because I certainly have!


Stress Less Holiday Challenge Party Planning

Stress Less Holiday Challenge Party Planning

So far we’ve covered Organization, Money, Family, and Focusing on the True Meaning of Christmas to prepare you for the Holidays. This is the last week of our Stress Less Holiday Challenge (It’s not too late to join our Facebook group and get prepared with our daily ten minute challenges!!) and it’s all about party planning! Even if you’re not throwing a big party this year, your probably doing some sort of party-like activity for your family so be sure to follow along so that you can be stress free all of December!



Challenge 27: Create Party Invitations – One really easy way to do this is through You can email them out to your guest list or even text! If you’re not doing a formal party, maybe you need some sort of invitation for a family activity you’re doing, like a ticket for the Polar Express or to your traditional Holiday Movie Night. Whatever level of party invitations you need, work on those today!



Challenge 28: Plan Christmas Eve/Christmas Day Festivities – Whether you like to visit your Grandparents, or hit the snow Christmas day, get a rough plan together. We do a lot of festivities on Christmas Eve, and then take it a little easier on Christmas day so my plan will consist of a lot more Christmas Eve activities.



Challenge 29: Read up on how to be a good host!

I love when people come to my house for the holidays! It’s so surprising how having more people in the house can change the dynamics. I know for me if I’m not prepared then things don’t run as smooth and I’m a little stress through the whole visit. This challenge is a 2 parter. First, make a list of household chores that need to be done before your party or guest staying at your home. I’m not suggesting that you need to deep clean the whole house but the things that will only bug you!!! Make it simple so it’s doable. Make a schedule that won’t overwhelm you, so when they arrive at your doorstep, your ready to party!

Second: Stock up! This is the perfect time to stock up on paper plates, utensils, napkins, disposable tablecloths, batteries, etc.. We have a big family and I don’t want to do the dishes after each meal. This saves me a lot of time and I’m not stuck in the kitchen. Also, stock up your medicine cabinet. Tis the season for colds! One Christmas, my son, was sick and we couldn’t find anywhere that was open so we could purchase cold medicine. It was a miserable night!

Bonus: If you are the hostess with the mostess, you can make little baskets for the rooms of your guests. You can put little shampoo, conditioners, soap bars and treats, just to let them know how excited you are to have them in your home!



Challenge 30: Plan out what to wear! Your final challenge is to plan out your outfits for your whole family! Also, put blankets and extra jackets in the car just in case. For example at my Grandma’s Christmas party, I am always freezing when we do the piñata! With the blankets and jackets I will be prepared for me and my baby to be warm. Also, check out the cute clothes on the Lou Lou Girls Shop! I bought a cute new outfit for Thanksgiving!


Thanks for joining us! Has it helped you be less stressed?

57 thoughts on “Stress Less Holiday Challenge Party Planning”

  1. I just found out yesterday that I am hosting Christmas dinner this year, so I am about to go into full party mode. I wasn’t prepared for it, so I need to get crackin’!!

  2. These are good tips to stress less. Like Joanna, this year I’m not hosting, so I don’t have to worry about the extra stress, but I kind of wish I was hosting… 🙂
    Cheers to a stress-free holiday season!

    1. Haha I know, when I look at all the fun ideas I always find myself wishing I was hosting. It’s fun both ways!

  3. The holidays can be so stressful and expensive which adds to the stress. It is great to plan things early and be ready when something new comes along. I will not be hosting this year luckily.

  4. I like to go to Christmas parties but I don’t like to host them.. I stress too much over it! I think if I followed your tips I would get less nervous about it!

  5. Great information, had not planned on hosting a party this year, but you never know. Looking to continue enjoying happy and stress free days through the rest of the year.

  6. Planning a party is really stressful. I don’t know when or where to start. It is a great plan I must follow all of these so I will not be worried about planning a party.

  7. We always go to my in-law’s house for Christmas, so the stress is on them, unfortunately. Sure, we chip in a dish to pass, help with clean-up, etc. If we were to plan a party, we could probably do this challenge, to take some stress off.

  8. Thank goodness we’re having a quite Christmas at home this year, so I don’t need to stress so much this year. But I’ll definitely keep you tips in mind for the next time. There’s always a next time right?!!! 😀

  9. I am skipping Christmas this year so I don’t have to worry about preparing anything because I will be traveling. It’s so hard to think about every single aspect of a big holiday family reunion and prepare everything ahead of time so that you don’t stress too much on the days.

  10. The holiday season is too stressful! Especially when there’s a party to put together. I love online invitations because they will track RSVPs, so it makes it just a bit easier.

  11. Love the last part! We’re often too busy preparing everything for the house to look good that we forget about ourselves. A great outfit definitely makes you more confident!

  12. OH I love holiday parties! I love hosting them even more! These are awesome tips and perfect for keeping the stress at bay!

  13. More helpful tips, this is such a fun series you are doiing! I never knew about the ability to make invitations online, I will be using this website for sure!

  14. Such lovely advice! I think the hardest one for me would be planning my outfits. I’m so bad at it, I can’t just commit to one. But I probably should with the holidays coming up!

  15. Love those helpful tips! Still, don’t know what we do /where we will be for Christmas this year (Expat life at its best). Hopefully we will be with our family in France and then the stress of the planning will be on them haha! Though I love party planning so I wouldn’t mind!

  16. Great tips! I am all about stressing less during the holidays and am looking forward to a very quiet and mellow holiday season!

  17. WHAT a great way to plan ahead and be prepared! I have never hosted anyone else but my parents and i have never had any events in my home because it’s stressful hosting a party or a family at your house!

  18. What a brilliant tips! Christmas is coming and I’m totally stress this time because we need to start to decorate our home and we have a lot to do things Christmas stuff.

  19. This is well thought out, I like the idea of stocking up before the holiday celebrations and family dinner parties. Also the idea of being prepared to colds and viruses that might creep up during the holidays.

  20. I absolutely love hosting and love all your tips here. I need to start stepping it up and sending cute invites to my guests. I usually just do a text with is so boring.

  21. Preparation is such a helpful tool to avoid stress. The more you prepare the easier it is to navigate a tough time like the holidays. Great Post!

  22. These are excellent tips! I am not some one who stress, I really usually have a loose plan and then we go with the flow. It is much more enjoyable for me 😉

  23. I really appreciate all your tips ever since week 1. It’s been less stressful with all the holiday prep thanks to your tips! I love that you mentioned planning an outfit for the occasion! That’s just as important as everything else.

  24. Evite is so perfect. I have used them before. I find it fun creating the graphic and love how I can put all the information in one place. It’s awesome.

  25. Planning ahead of a big event is always the key to having a less stressful time. Pre-planning your outfit and everything in advance will make the day a breeze. These are some very good ideas.

  26. I think this year will be less of a hustle and bustle for us. I’m planning on getting things straight this time! This is a really good list. we haven’t got a clue what party or event we’re going to this year so it’s a little difficult to plan for this but I do totally understand being prepared and the importance of it

  27. These are wonderful reminders. The holidays have had me stressing out. Thankfully, we won’t be hosting the party for our family this year. Otherwise I’d be a hot mess. But I do plan to decorate better this year.

  28. I always get stressed out over the holidays! I’m trying really hard this year to let go and enjoy them without all the worry of things going perfectly.

  29. Planning my outfits and for my children takes away so much stress! We are always running around like maniacs five minutes before we’re supposed to be in the car. Not this holiday season!

  30. I really find it amazing that you were able to break down the huge problem of party planning into small, manageable tasks! Very useful!

  31. You don’t want to get stressed over Christmas and these are some really handy tips! It’s all about being organised and prepared so you can join in the fun!

  32. I was actually considering hosting a little wine and cookie ladies night with some of my neighbors and I need to make sure I’m implementing some of your tips. These are great – thanks for sharing.

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