Getting Ready for Winter Part II


Getting Ready for Winter Part II

Getting Ready for Winter Part II! Here is Amber’s take on what she does to get ready for winter!


Getting Ready for Winter Part II

Getting Ready for Winter Part II

When I was little I would pray for snow I loved it so much! Now, I do still love it around Christmas time but other than that I could definitely live without it! Fall is an amazing season but it definitely makes me feel a little antsy about getting ready for winter. Here are a few things I do to prepare:


  1. Winter clothes in ready mode: I make sure everyone has their own set of snow gear. We have a two story house so I have a specific spot for each person to have a warm jacket and boots downstairs for quick trips out the door. I keep coats and all other snow gear in a special spot in each person’s closet until we actually start using them. After the first use then they are hung up downstairs because they are always needing to dry out. 


2. Clean out the garage: I hate the cold and so I never even want to step foot in the garage except to get in my car. I usually try to get the garage swept and organized before the super frosty weather hits so that I don’t have to be in there any longer than necessary all winter.


3. Holiday necessities list: The Holidays are so fun but so busy. I always make a list of bucket list things I want to accomplish before each Holiday so that I can make sure I get those things done. Some new ones on my list this year are take Halloween pictures, throw a murder mystery party, make a thankful tree, and throw a New Year’s Eve party. 


What do you do to get ready for Winter?








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