Getting Ready For Winter

Getting Ready For Winter! When I was single I never really worried about getting ready for winter. Life was so busy and I only had myself to worry about so there wasn’t much for me to do. The holidays are a fun and stressful time of year. Making sure we are ready to go for Winter is half the battle.


Getting Ready For Winter

Getting Ready For Winter

Having this blog has helped me become so much more organized, and then I got married. I didn’t realize how having another person to worry about could cause you to be so much more organized. Then you add a baby into the mix and life just gets crazy. I have to say I love the holidays in the winter but I HATE SNOW!


Like with a passion. It’s cold and wet and sticks to your pants and makes everything dirty. I am hoping for very little snow this year. I have one more winter without a garage and then I don’t have to brush off my car. It’s the worst thing ever. I used to pay $25 bucks extra a month in rent so that I could park in the garage.

Anyways, getting ready for winter means a few things. First, that my car is winter ready. I need to make sure I have wiper fluid in my car, a scraper in my car and that our broom is by door so I sweep the stupid snow off my car.

Second, that Grey has plenty of warm clothing. Especially socks, he keeps kicking off his stinking socks. I love that kid! He’s stinking cute and he keeps growing out of his clothes that I just barely bought. All the sizes are different for each brand and even within the same brand it’s nuts. 

Next, we currently have a mouse. My grandma had a mouse that only she saw. We called it the phantom mouse. He was a freakin’ ninja and always avoided the mouse traps. I’m worried that’s what is going on at our house. Only Matt has seen this “mouse” and we haven’t caught it. We need to go around the house and find all the holes to keep the mice out for the winter. 

Last it’s time to start buying Christmas gifts. I always start looking now. It’s something I picked up from Momma Kim. It’s a great way to not spend a large sum of money all at once. I like to spread it out because then I am less stressed. 




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