5 Reasons Amber Loves Fall

5 Reasons Amber Loves Fall

5 Reasons Amber Loves Fall! I used to think it was cliché when people said their favorite season was fall. I was more of a summer girl. But the older I get, and the more kids I have, the more I LOVE fall!


5 Reasons Amber Loves Fall


My absolute, number one reason for loving fall these days is dressing up my kids for Halloween!! They are the cutest little things on the planet on regular days, but when they’re dressed up in Halloween costumes, nothing is going to keep me from giving them all the candy they want!



Halloween in general could just be the reason I love fall, but if I had to categorize it, I would definitely put Witches Night Out on the list! My friend Kelsie introduced me to this tradition and it is the best! It’s a girl’s night hosted by Gardner Village complete with music, shops, and everyone dressed as witches! Not to mention it’s free!



Fall is cuddle weather. Need I say more? Last night my husband and I were out sitting on our grass while our 3 year old was successfully convincing us not to put him to bed, and it started to get a little chilly. I usually am one to hate the cold but it made me so excited to think about cuddling under some blankets in our new backyard!



I just love that we’re outside more in general in the fall. During the day the kids and I live at the park, and have picnics. Then when my husband gets home we like to go on walks or bike rides. Our bike trailer has been strapped to the top of our garage all summer and I am so excited to get it down. 



Last but not least I would definitely have to be murder mystery parties! (What can I say? I love Halloween!) If you’ve never hosted or been to one of these you need to do one this year! They are so much fun!!


Happy Fall!!





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