Top 5 Reasons I love Fall Time!

Top 5 Reasons I love Fall Time!

Fall is hands down my favorite season! I’m going to tell you why, here are my Top 5 Reasons I love Fall Time!

Top 5 Reasons I love Fall Time

Top 5 Reasons I love Fall Time

You would think spring would be my favorite season, being a former softball coach and everything. Fall has always been my favorite season. My first reason I love the fall is that the weather is perfect. It’s the perfect temperature, you get warm rain instead of cold rain. I love the smell of fall and the leaves and everything!



Reason two of why I love fall! Matt and I got engaged and married in the fall. It brings back great memories! Four years ago this coming October is when my cute husband asked me to marry him!

I still remember the proposal like it was yesterday. He was so nervous and it was so cute! I am not sure why he was so nervous we had already set the date.



Fall has a lot of the best holidays, I love getting together with family and friends. Spending time with the people we love is the best part of life.


I think fall is the best time of year for dates. Again, it’s the perfect temperature, so it allows for a lot of options. The Halloween dates, hikes, roasting marshmallows, ride through the canyon to look at the leaves. There are so many options!



Fall is back to school time! I love my job! I love teaching high school kids, they are so fun and entertaining. There are some great kids that I work with and I am grateful for the things they say that make me laugh, that make me learn and that make me feel blessed!

Enjoy your fall and just think about how many things we have to be grateful for. I think that that is the main theme of fall! 


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