How To Get Crayon Off Walls

Believe it or not there is a really easy way to get crayon off walls!



Yes, it was attack of the three year old the other day and I had to learn how to get crayon off walls. My son is usually really good at not drawing on the walls although he does always color on himself. He ventured out a little though and drew a masterpiece right by our master bedroom. I was super mad because I had just cleaned up a different mess he made. Crayon looks like it would be hard to get off but if you follow this method it’s actually super easy!




Blow Dryer

Soapy Rag

Magic Eraser (sometimes)




  1. To get the crayon off the walls use the blow dryer to thoroughly heat the crayon.
  2. Rub the crayon with your soapy rag. Most of the crayon should come off very easily.
  3. Repeat if there are any stubborn areas.
  4. If the crayon has been on the wall for a while, there may be a few little spots you’ll have to use a magic eraser on, but they will be very easy to clean and very minimal!



Good luck!





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