Fun 5 Summer Must Have Toys For Little Boys

5 Summer Must Have Toys For Little Boys

My little boy is loving summer and I think it is because these 5 Summer Must Have Toys For Little Boys!


5 Summer Must Have Toys For Little Boys


5 Summer Must Have Toys For Little Boys

I’ve had to get really creative this summer with no yard, a wild child, and a baby. We finally got out sod put in but my kids still can’t play on it, and our fence won’t be done until August. My son is pretty good at listening, aka not running into the road, when we’re out in the yard, but it’s hard to be out there right now because it is still a  dangerous place for my baby. I would be losing my mind if it wasn’t for these 5 perfect summer toys!




Foam Water Blaster: These are the best summer toys because I don’t have to help him and all his friends fill them up every five seconds. I just fill up a bucket and they go to town! I do have to keep a strict rule of “if you shoot someone you lose your gun” but after about two times each they started following the rule pretty quick. 



Remote Control Cars: This rock crawler is the best!! Most people wouldn’t think about RC cars for summer toys but they have been awesome, especially since our yard was just dirt for so long. I love them because we can sit in the shade and drive them around. This way we’re enjoying being outside without dying of heat. 



Water Table: I love this water table for summer play because it is the perfect height for my one year old to splash, but not climb in. My three year old loves it as well and they spend a lot of time playing with it. 



Indoor Swing: We have an unfinished basement and this has been the best purchase ever! I scored some old gymnastics mats from someone that we put under the swing, but you can also find workout mats to keep it safe. It is the perfect summer toy because it is very cool in the basement. I would DEFINITELY make sure there is something soft underneath, and your kids will play for hours when it’s too hot outside!



Slide: I love this slide because it can easily be moved indoors or outdoors. It is currently in the basement along with the swing, but it gets moved outside when we set up the pool!


How is your summer going??





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