What Makes A Great Dad

What Makes A Great Dad

What Makes A Great Dad! All month we have been talking about dads and what makes them special. Sometimes it’s hard to define a “great dad” because everyone admires different qualities. All I know is that every child needs some kind of “dad” figure in their lives. It can be their own dad, grandpa, brother, uncle, neighbor, or family friend, but it makes all the difference in the world to a child.


What Makes A Great Dad


What Makes A Great Dad

I can only speak from my own experience. I have several men that have been an influence in my life, my kids and grandkids. As I was growing up, my dad was my everything! He was there when I was sick and a lot of my traditions that I do with my own kids are a result of my dad’s influence. He even took me shopping for new clothes for school when I moved to a new school. He realized that this was so important to his 8th-grade daughter, and how she felt about herself.

You always hope when you get married that your husband will be a great dad but you never know until the kids come along. The minute my husband saw our first daughter, I knew my kids were in good hands! When I started to prepare for this post, I  started to look around trying to see what the “experts” thought made a great dad, and with a little inspiration from them, and from my own experiences, I came up with my list.

  1. Cherish your time with them. It is so amazing how fast they grow. My husband has spent countless hours coaching and cheering my kids in their chosen activities. I can’t tell you how many hours he has spent working with my boys on their different projects.  I think each one of them thinks they are their dad’s favorite because of this!
  2. Share! Never look at anything as “mom” duties or “dad” duties. When you work as a team you will benefit as well as your kids.
  3. Love! No matter what, show them, love! Love can heal a lot of things, and if you are always showing love towards them, then they won’t go searching for love in other places.
  4. Be Patient! Sometimes this is so hard! You have to remember they have never been in most situations before and they need you to guide them. To be honest, how many times have you made the same mistake? They will too!
  5. Don’t Be A Absent Dad. It is easy to become a father but it takes time and effort to be a dad! Your kids will remember you doing the little things with them more than remembering what you buy for them.
  6. Example! You can preach to them until you are blue in the face but they will follow your example to a “T”!
  7. Let them be themselves. A lot of parents try to mold their children into what they want them to be but if you relax and let them be….you will be amazed by what they become. Go along for the journey, you will learn so much from them.
  8. Teach Independence: Okay, we spoil our kids like crazy and try to help them in every situation. If you start, little by little letting them take on tasks for themselves you will end up with a confident child.
  9. United front! It’s not good if you and mom aren’t on the same page. They can smell weakness!
  10. Let them be kids! The little silly things that you do as a kid are so important. They learn so much on the playground that applies to life. If you are talking to them and getting to really know them, you can help guide them in their journey.


Thank you to the dad figures in my life! Lisa has learned so much from her brother, Zac, especially when her dad was working in Iowa for 2 years. I’m so proud of my son, Ben, who is turning out to be an amazing dad to his two sons, and my son-in-law, Mike, that does everything for his family.


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