Fun 5 Daddy Daughter Date Ideas

5 Daddy Daughter Date Ideas 

5 Daddy Daughter Date Ideas! Get inspired to spend more time with your sweet little daughter and create memories that will last a lifetime!


5 Daddy Daughter Date Ideas

5 Daddy Daughter Date Ideas 

This month we’re talking about dads! Dads are great! They can be one of the biggest and most important influences in our lives, so we wanted to give all the great dads out there a shoutout! And to all of you single moms filling in for absent dads, this is for you too!

I’m so grateful for a loving dad who wasn’t afraid to bring a bat to the front door when a boy would show up for our dates (the boys that were worth keeping around just laughed).  My dad also took me on lots of fun daddy-daughter dates. Dates that I’ll never forget! I always knew that my dad loved me and that I could talk to him about anything without judgment.

I think it’s so important for all kids to have a special time with their parents alone. So they can have time to talk and really get to know one another. The better relationships we have with our kids/ parents helps us to be better people, in my opinion. Daddy daughter dates are just one way to do that, so I’ve rounded up some fun ideas! 

1- Daddy daughter doughnut dates! Who doesn’t like an alliteration?! I know I do!  Whenever I think about daddy-daughter dates, I think of dads and doughnuts. You can stay home and make doughnuts together or get out of the house and get a special doughnut and hot cocoa together before school! 

2- Take your daughter to a sporting event for your Daddy Daughter Date! My dad used to take me to BYU football games growing up. Let’s be honest, I was just there for the nachos, but it was still super fun and it made me feel special! 

3- Swimming Daddy Daughter Date! My daughters always choose swimming as their go-to date. They love it and dad isn’t afraid to hop in the pool with them and go down the slide a million times! 

4- Daddy Daughter Date Nature walk. My kids love nature walks! Take little bags with you and collect different leaves. When you get home, or if you have cell service, you can check to see what kind of plants you found!

5- Sleep under the stars! Go camping together or put an air mattress on the lawn and watch the stars together! So many great conversations happen when we do this! Everyone is focused on the stars and it’s easy to chat!


5 Daddy Daughter Date Ideas 

We try to have a daddy/ daughter/ son, mommy/ daughter/ Son dates at least once every other month. It’s so fun for all of us! 

What do you do for daddy-daughter dates!? 


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