Life Lessons from Father Michael

Life Lessons from Father Michael

The men in our lives have a huge influence on the adults we become. Life Lessons from Father Michael have taught me how to be and act! What has your dad taught you?


When I was dating, one of the major things I was looking for was a man who one day would make a good father. My dad was literally the perfect dad to and so whoever I dated/married had a lot to live up to. One of the things I would look for was, were they good with children. I believe children have the innate ability to tell whether adults are good. Everyone single one of my friends loved my dad and with good reason.

After dating Matt for awhile I ventured out of my comfort zone and we went down to Cedar City to visit Mike and Jess and go on a hike with them and the kids. To say the kids LOVED him, would be a major understatement. He carried them everywhere and still to this day they call my phone and ask to talk to Uncle Matt.  With our own child on the way, I am super excited to see what he will be like with our little one. What he will teach them someday. I know my dad taught me a lot of valuable things that have helped me to be successful. These are my top 4 things Father Michael taught me!

Life Lesson 1: Sorry doesn’t feed the bulldog. – You may wonder what this means, so did I for many years. I think I finally figured it out. Saying sorry about something doesn’t change the fact that you didn’t do it and the dog is still hungry. If you are truly sorry you will show it with your actions. 

Life Lesson 2: Buckle up, Slow down and go Sober. Don’t drink and drive and be safe? Perhaps, code for I love you and be smart. I feel like he taught me that he trusted us to be smart and make good choices, and so I didn’t want to disappoint him.

Life Lesson 3: Prove them wrong. I remember as a teenager not being the most athletic kid and I’m still not the most athletic person. I loved sports though and I remember my dad practicing basketball and softball with me for hours. He always told me that if I wanted something then I had to earn it. If I wasn’t playing as much or where I wanted to, prove to them that I deserved it. This taught me that hard work pays off and to never give up because if you want it bad enough you can earn it. 

Life Lesson 4: You can never have too many weird sayings even if no one knows what they mean. My dad has taught me a lot about life, through his random sayings that I use now. I thought were just common things too but I get the weirdest looks. He has a way of telling you what he needs to say without being offensive. He taught me how to be tactful and that it is important, to be honest.

Life Lesson 5: Don’t take life too seriously. I remember as a child he would dress up with us and hang out with us. All I remember is all the fun things we did when I was a child. I mean, I remember him complaining about Disneyland, but we always had so much fun. He would watch Beauty and the Beast with me over and over again. His favorite character was Gaston.

I am so grateful to have a dad who spent time with me and taught me how to be an adult! I am grateful for all that he has done for me and for setting the bar real high for the man that I married. I think I found someone who can give my kids the same kind of childhood I was so blessed to have!

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