Lou Lou Girls Is Now On YouTube

Big things are happening here for the Lou Lou Girls and our YouTube channel is one of them! Come check it out!



We made a lot of goals at the start of the year and so we have been working on a lot of projects. (If you haven’t seen our Shop yet, get yourself on over there!!) The one that I’ve been working on the most is our YouTube channel. It is still a baby, and we’re still figuring things out, but we have big plans!!


As the Lou Lou Girls we consider ourselves your closet cheerleaders. We are all about cheering you on as you create a happy home. We want you to feel like you have some big sisters to turn to for advice, and somewhere to go when you need a confidence boost. That’s what our YouTube channel is all about. We are here to give you confidence in cooking, parenting, DIY, homemaking, marriage, and family fun. 



Alright, enough talking. Just watch the intro video!! This was my first stop motion video I’ve made since I was about 12, and I was sad to realize my stop motion skills were a little rusty. It was a lot of fun though, and if you want to try making a video like this a great place to start is using the Stikbots Studio App on your phone! If you’re a little more advanced and want to use an editing program for more control, Imovie is great. 


We will be shooting our channel trailer soon, (it is going to be BOMB) as well as adding a lot more video so help cheer us on and subscribe!






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