Fun DIY Bath Crayons

DIY Bath Crayons by Lou Lou Girls Kids

DIY Bath Crayons by Lou Lou Girls Kids! A fun craft that the kids can do on their own with only 3 simple ingredients you probably have in your home right now!



DIY Bath Crayons by Lou Lou Girls Kids


This is one of the easiest crafts we’ve done! It only takes 3 ingredients and it takes plenty of time so your kids will be entertained for at least an hour! 

Start with a bar of soap, food dye, and a cheese grater! (This post contains some affiliate links if you click on the links and purchase we might get a small percentage of the sale.) 



DIY Bath Crayons by Lou Lou Girls Kids

Grate the soap down to nothing! Powder or strips will work, the newer the soap, the softer it is, but it will still work if it’s old. Ours was from our food/ supply storage so it wasn’t fresh! HAHA! 

It took a while for the kids to grate their soap! 



After you grate it all down to a powder, you can either split it into sections to make lots of colors out of one bar, or you can just make one color, it’s up to you. 

Each of my kids made their own bar of soap into one color and then they shared the colors with each other. 



Then add 2 T of warm water with 3 or 4 drops of food coloring. Mix it with a fork until it starts to clump. Then work it in your hands like dough. It’s not as soft as play dough, but keep working it until it forms a ball. 



After it’s all combined, use PLASTIC cookie cutters as your molds. Just press them in and smooth them as good as you can.

*** The first time we used metal cookie cutters and it was hard to get them out because it wasn’t as flexible. We also tried silicone molds, but the bath crayon mixture was too thick and it stretched them and changed the shape of the mold. 



Now just pop them in the freezer for an hour to help them get hard.  It should be fairly easy to get them out if you use plastic cookie cutters.

I think it would help to let them dry out for a couple of days before you use them, but if your kids can’t wait, it will still work just fine!

I’m sure you’re wondering how easy these are to clean! They were SUPER easy! I just handed a clean washcloth to the kids and made them wipe down the walls before they got out of the tub.

If you wait and let it dry, I can’t guarantee that it will be as easy! So clean it up before you let the water out! 

Here’s a cute video the girls made to show you EXACTLY how to do it! 




Thanks for watching! What’s your favorite Kids’ craft???




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