Bedtime Routine Free Printable

Bedtime Routine Free Printable

Bedtime can be a little crazy sometimes but if you’re a routine person like me, then you’ll love this Bedtime Routine Free Printable chart!


Bedtime Routine Free Printable


Bedtime Routine Free Printable

When my three-year-old (sort of) stopped taking naps, bedtime got a little crazy. If he didn’t nap, he would go to bed a lot earlier than usual. If we drove anywhere after 4 pm though, he would fall asleep in the car and then go to a bed who knows when. 


He was always pretty good at going to bed because I think he loved the one-on-one time we spent reading books. With his changing bedtime though, we got really lax about following a routine and he started to resist sleep more. I found myself forgetting to give him baths and brush his teeth because there wasn’t really a set moment for it anymore. We’d wake up in the morning and have something planned and I’d go to get him dressed and think “yikes I haven’t given him a bath for like four days!”


That is why I created this bedtime chart. The times are to help keep us on track but we’re not nazi’s over here. The question mark represents something he gets to choose. On his chore chart he has one and he absolutely loves getting to choose even though he choosing the exact same thing every time. With this chart, he usually chooses to cuddle Daddy and watch a show. It’s great because it motivates him to get his toys picked up, and then I get some time to myself for a minute. (Hallelujah!)


Now I just need to tackle a morning routine!! Any suggestions?





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