Anger Management Chart Free Printable

Anger Management Chart Free Printable


Anger Management Chart Free Printable! Do you have a youngster who needs a little help in the anger management department? I certainly do! My 3-year-old has a major hitting problem right now and it has been a struggle trying to figure out how to help him. One thing that has been surprisingly hard is me remembering what to do when he hits. In my anger, I forget all the tactics I’ve read and sometimes just feel helpless.


We got him the book When I Feel Angry when he first started to hit, and I loved how it gives options for what to do when kids feel angry. The other night after a particularly bad day I was reading it to him and realized that I actually would benefit from memorizing these tactics so that when I see him getting angry I could remind him what to do. 


Anger Management Chart Free Printable


Since I have a horrible memory though, I thought why not make a chart or a visual reminder so that I can point to it. That way my son can see what I’m talking about. I’m a huge believer in using visuals when teaching kids so I thought I’d give it a go! So far it hasn’t magically fixed all our problems, but it’s definitely been a big help in keeping me calm, and in redirecting my son when he’s getting angry.


Download a Printable Version Here



I also just got the book 123 magic because so many people rave about it. I’m excited to read it. Do you have any great behavior tactics? I need all the help I can get!!!





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