Morning All Day Sickness Tips

Morning All Day Sickness Tips

Morning All Day Sickness Tips! This being my first pregnancy, I have been trying to figure out this Morning (All Day) Sickness and what works for me!


Morning All Day Sickness Tips

Morning All Day Sickness Tips

I can not even tell you how many different things I have heard and read. People are constantly offering suggestions, which I appreciate. However, the first thing I have learned is that everyone is different and what works for someone else doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you!

It’s so frustrating when all you want to do is go about your day and to feel semi normal! Luckily my husband is the best helper ever! However, he is also the biggest tease in America and he will read all these things on what could help me feel better and he suggests things he knows I hate. My top eight things that has helped me to survive!

  1. What works for others may not work for you! – Seriously though! Everyone will give you suggestions and what worked for them may not work for you! I have been online and done research. I have tried just about everything under the sun and some things work and some things don’t. That’s the key try things to see if they work for you. I would try things and then try them again because people would swear by them. Come to find out that some of those things just didn’t work for me! Trust yourself, go with what works for you!
  2. Eat small amount of something every hour! – I am sick when I do eat, and I’m even more sick when I don’t. Throwing up stomach acid is the worst in my opinion and that’s what would happen when I don’t eat. Therefore, I pack food with me at all times, I kind of feel like I’m always eating but I simply feel better. On Saturday’s Matt and I go shopping and walk up and down every aisle and I pick things that I think sound good on that day. Usually fruit, granola, dried fruit and cheese.
  3. Half of a Unisom and B6 before bed time – Believe me I have no problem sleeping at night! When I was super sick I called the doctor and the nurse told me that before I try a prescription to try half a unisom and a B6 to combat the nausea. This has worked best for me. I also tried the Zofran but nothing worked as good as the Unisom. I tried to do just Unisom, just Zofran and both together. When I did just the Zofran, I have never been so sick! Got back on the Unisom and I felt so much better. Not 100% mind you but MUCH better!
  4. Get plenty of rest! – If you feel tired then sleep or rest. Trust your body, remember you are growing another human being in your Uterus!
  5. Walk a Mile a day! – Granted you won’t want to do this everyday! I haven’t, but on my good days I try to walk a mile or jog a mile a day. This helps with the constipation that can come with pregnancy’s and also I just feel better! I teach all day and then I am also a coach so some days I don’t get home until 7 at night and on those days I just don’t feel like walking, but I do know it helps me!
  6. Fruit Popsicles – I’ve heard about these things called preggie pops or something and I have seen that Amber has made them. I just don’t have time or energy right now to make them. I have found the real fruit popsicles help me more than anything! Other foods that work for me include: gold fish, cheddar cheese, bananas, granola, granola bars, dried apple chips, and carrots. I know carrots sound weird, but for some reason it works. 
  7. No Sugar or Fast Food – I haven’t had chocolate in quite sometime! I love chocolate it’s pretty much my favorite! Every single time I eat it, every single time I get so sick! This also include fast food! Anything greasy at all just upsets my stomach more than anything else I’ve eaten! I’ve read a lot of people also have the same problem.
  8. Take it one day at a Time – Everyone is going to tell you that it’s worth in the end. You’ll forget how sick you’ve been. Well all I have to say is, It better be! I know it will be though I see my nieces and nephews and how much I love them and I can’t imagine loving anyone more than that, but I would imagine that’s what happens. Take it one day at a time, you’ll have real bad days and real good days! But it’ll be worth it!

2 thoughts on “Morning All Day Sickness Tips”

  1. So true! What works for one person may not work for you. I still tried everything until I found what worked. Thankfully mine stopped by 2nd trimester. Good Luck!

  2. I completely feel your pain! I had the worst morning/all day sickness! I totally agree with the fruit popsicles. Particularly the lime popsicles from Trader Joe’s. Anything with ginger helped, too. This post is very helpful for preggo Mamas!

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