5 Easy Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

5 Easy Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

5 Easy Ways to Beat the Winter Blues! It’s happening. Winter is taking its toll! I think it doesn’t help that I’m pregnant as well because I am so exhausted all the time that bundling up myself and my two-year-old for a stroll out in the frigid air just never sounds that great.
There are a few things that I’ve been doing that have really helped me through this winter so I thought I’d share!
5 Easy Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

5 Easy Ways to Beat the Winter Blues


1. Take a drive: If it’s super frigid outside, driving in the car can at least get you out in the sunlight without you freezing your tail off.

2. Make a playlist: This goes well with number one, but it’s also great any time of the day! Make a playlist of songs that remind you of summer. It is sure to brighten your mood!

3. Eat chocolate: I really don’t think this is just my pregnancy talking, a little chocolate boosts your spirits!

4. Make a winter bucket list: Make a list of all the things you haven’t done yet this winter that you still want to do so that you don’t feel like it’s drudging on.

5. Indoor playground or gym: If you have kids, hit an indoor playground/museum/Mcdonald’s, or if you need some “me” time, hit the gym! The exercise will feel good and the open windows will help you feel rejuvenated.

I hope this helps!


3 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways to Beat the Winter Blues”

  1. Hi Lou-Lou Girls,
    All of this tips are excellent. Living in a frigid state that I call Narnia gives me a deep understanding of winter blues. LOL

    Thank you for sharing with us at Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop

    Olivia, co-hostess
    Reinvented Collection

  2. I like the winter bucket list idea the most – especially adding a bunch of winter activities, like ‘getting off the bunny hill when skiing’ (maybe that’s just me, lol). Here in Ohio it’s going between 50 degrees and 20 degrees, sometimes in the same hour. But I’m not complaining because at least we’ve had a few balmy days.

  3. Great list! I have one more to add: get a HappyLight. That’s the brand name but there are other out there. It is a light that you can have next to you for 30-60 minutes a day that helps your body produce more vitamin D, feel more awake/energized. I have loved having mine this winter and am pretty sure I’d go crazy without it. Thank you for all your suggestions!

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