Winter Photo Shoot Tips

Winter Photo Shoot Tips

Winter Photo Shoot Tips! I have done a lot of video and photo shoots in the winter, so I know that they can be a little tricky for a lot of reasons. The weather is unpredictable, it gets dark early, and great scenery is harder to come by. These are a few of my tips to help you nail a winter photoshoot no matter what! 


Winter Photo Shoot Tips

Winter Photo Shoot Tips

1. Check the forecast, check the forecast, check the forecast. If it is overcast, you’re going to have great lighting right? Yes, BUT make sure you shoot early enough in the day that you’re going to have enough light. If it’s overcast just forget about golden hour and plan to be shooting much earlier.





2. Brick or stone make a great background. The scenery in the winter looks amazing if it’s freshly covered with snow, but if you’re planning on shooting a specific day with a client, you don’t want to plan your whole photoshoot around 








3. Wood also makes a great background. Wood gives a classic cozy Christmas feel even when there’s no snow. 





4. Stairs are great. Stairs can be a great place to shoot if there is no snow. They add a lot of levels and texture to a photo and give you something more to work with than just the background.



5. A small aperture goes a long way. If you’re struggling to find a beautiful background, a small aperture can give you a lot more freedom. 








6. Hats are awesome. No one’s hair lasts very long in a winter photoshoot. I always try to start out shooting without a hat but make sure my clients have one for later. Plus it adds a cozy, fun, realistic feel to the photos.







7. Use the snow! This may be a given, but if there’s snow, use it!


ps. It’s my model Lisa’s 14th Birthday today so give her a shoutout!





6 thoughts on “Winter Photo Shoot Tips”

  1. Great photo shoot! These photos look really nice. I love this time of year because taking photos with snow is both fun and beautiful!

  2. Happy 14th birthday! She is darling! Also, I love the backdrop of these photos. I always say that nature makes the best backdrop and the snow in these photos absolutely blew me away!

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